Urn and Casket Engravings for Diehard Sports Fans

Urn and Casket Engravings for Diehard Sports Fans


Us sports fans have something new to brag about. Our relentless outcries and claims of being a “diehard” fan can now be taken into a literal context and not just a figure of speech to show off how deeply devout and passionate we are to our beloved sports teams.

Baseball fans get to brag first. Major League Baseball recently completed a new marketing deal with a company called Eternal Image to put team logos on caskets and urns. This effort begins next season with the Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, Phillies, Cubs and Dodgers. Eternal Image hopes to expand by striking similar deals with the NFL, NHL and NASCAR. Let’s cross our fingers for NBA basketball shortly after.

The statement, “a diehard fan,” is a courageous declaration. This entails you are passionate, knowledgeable, and fanatically obsessed with your professional team. To take this statement to the grave would be such a wonderful privilege; and what better way than to have your urn or casket be embossed with your team’s colors and logo design. Being a diehard fan is quickly taking on a radical new meaning.

As a diehard Phoenix Suns fan, I would be first in line to make sure my urn is designed to showcase the Phoenix Suns logo (an extremely beautiful one by the way) and the Phoenix Suns purple and orange colors. I have probably stated “I am a diehard Phoenix Suns fan,” more than I could ever imagine, and to take this statement to the grave with me would be a great privilege I would brag about while alive.



According to CBS, Kurt Soffe, a spokesman for the funeral association, said the Major League Baseball caskets are part of a trend of trying to capture the life and the passions of the person that has passed away.

The company has not said how much it will cost, but will have to make sure the products aren’t too expensive. Of course, if somebody is a diehard fan, chances are they will be willing to take it to the grave at any cost or else they are merely fans who love a team only while alive; and thus should refrain from making such “diehard” claims.

Regardless of the price and regardless of my future financial situation, I will make sure my urn is embossed with the Phoenix Suns logo because a diehard fan must be passionate enough to even have the audacity to say such a statement; so what better way than to literally die with the team’s logo? I am extremely excited about this new concept because, after all, isn’t life all about sports?

Now my only other wish would be to see the Phoenix Suns win an NBA Championship before I die.

Engraving Wedding Rings: Make Your Rings More Meaningful

Engraving Wedding Rings: Make Your Rings More Meaningful

Engraving jewels

Wedding rings symbolize a couple’s eternal love and commitment to each other. To add significance to the rings, couples have their rings personalized by having their names or a verse carved inside the rings’ band through the process of engraving.
The number of characters to be engraved, the type of ring, the method of engraving used and the time it takes to engrave the ring are the factors by which jewelers set their prices for the service. Be sure to ask the jeweler for the exact price so you won’t have any have any surprises when you return to pick the ring up. Before you have your rings engraved, you will want to make sure that they are the right size because resizing the ring can distort the appearance of the engraved letters.

Hand engraving, machine engraving, and laser engraving are the three common methods of engraving. Hand engraving achieves less than perfect results that vary depending on the engravers skill. Machine engraving gives better results than hand engraving, but most machines can only engrave up to 20 characters, or one row.

The latest method of engraving is the Laser. Laser technology makes it possible for the engraver to engrave messages on the rings. With the laser, a ring can hold a maximum of 255 characters in most cases.

There are many things you can have engraved on your rings like a Bible verse, a romantic poem, your wedding vows, etc. Some couples prefer to get the other’s name engraved on their ring. Some prefer to do the date of their anniversary. No matter what you get, make sure that both of you are happy with whatever is going to be engraved on the rings.

You should also note, whenever you are completing the order form, be sure to write everything clearly. You don’t want the engraver to make any mistakes. Also let the engraver know the size you prefer and the font if you have this option. Thicker fonts seem to work better for engraving because they do not wear off as easy.

Engraving verses on your rings will make them more meaningful and therefore more precious to you and your partner. Hopefully, they will remind both of you of that beautiful day and the commitment that was made. Every time you look at the engraved ring, those memories will rush back.

EUnetART Annual Festival and Sringlab 2007

EUnetART Annual Festival and Sringlab 2007

Annual Festival

“Participating Youth – a risk or an opportunity?”

From May 2nd – 6th 2007 in Helsinki, Finland

The EUnetART Annual Festival is the yearly gathering of members to exchange ideas, explore each other’s working methods and to lay the basis for collaborative projects. EUnetART, Annantalo Arts Centre and the Finnish Magic Lamp- network will be your host in Finland. The festival will take place at Annantalo Arts Centre, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, at Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki and in other art institutions in Helsinki and Vantaa City.

The theme of the meeting:

This year the festival is organized in cooperation with PASSION2- seminar. The theme for the festival is “Participating Youth – a risk or an opportunity?” Passion2-seminar will debate several things: Do we regard the young people as passive recipients of art and culture or active and creative participants? How to touch those young people who do not seem interested in art?

The programme features workshops in different locations in Helsinki, panel discussions with young people, lectures, case studies, presentations by members and several performances together with the national PASSION2- seminar. You will have the opportunity to get to know each other and to discuss specific topics. On the last day there is a free optional trip to Hämeenlinna City to visit ARX, a cultural centre for children and youth.

We also offer you SpringLab May 1st – 2nd 2007:

We have arranged an extra afternoon, a SPECIAL program in Helsinki just one day before the annual festival! Now you have the opportunity to participate in a five-hour workshop which deals with the working methods of the famous ISH Company from Amsterdam. Learning by doing as an interactive participant!

You will get an in-depth understanding on how ISH, Marco Gerris and six other members of the group work with young people in schools, in socio-cultural centres, on the streets etc. He combines disciplines of the street and from the club circuit together with pop concerts, video clips, cartoons, video games and films. ISH uses acrobatic stunt tricks, skate dance, street dance, break dance, video arts, DJ concerts, VJ performances, martial arts, acrobatics, rap music, beat box, and even bungee jumping in their performances.