EUnetART Annual Festival and Sringlab 2007

EUnetART Annual Festival and Sringlab 2007

Annual Festival

“Participating Youth – a risk or an opportunity?”

From May 2nd – 6th 2007 in Helsinki, Finland

The EUnetART Annual Festival is the yearly gathering of members to exchange ideas, explore each other’s working methods and to lay the basis for collaborative projects. EUnetART, Annantalo Arts Centre and the Finnish Magic Lamp- network will be your host in Finland. The festival will take place at Annantalo Arts Centre, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, at Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki and in other art institutions in Helsinki and Vantaa City.

The theme of the meeting:

This year the festival is organized in cooperation with PASSION2- seminar. The theme for the festival is “Participating Youth – a risk or an opportunity?” Passion2-seminar will debate several things: Do we regard the young people as passive recipients of art and culture or active and creative participants? How to touch those young people who do not seem interested in art?

The programme features workshops in different locations in Helsinki, panel discussions with young people, lectures, case studies, presentations by members and several performances together with the national PASSION2- seminar. You will have the opportunity to get to know each other and to discuss specific topics. On the last day there is a free optional trip to Hämeenlinna City to visit ARX, a cultural centre for children and youth.

We also offer you SpringLab May 1st – 2nd 2007:

We have arranged an extra afternoon, a SPECIAL program in Helsinki just one day before the annual festival! Now you have the opportunity to participate in a five-hour workshop which deals with the working methods of the famous ISH Company from Amsterdam. Learning by doing as an interactive participant!

You will get an in-depth understanding on how ISH, Marco Gerris and six other members of the group work with young people in schools, in socio-cultural centres, on the streets etc. He combines disciplines of the street and from the club circuit together with pop concerts, video clips, cartoons, video games and films. ISH uses acrobatic stunt tricks, skate dance, street dance, break dance, video arts, DJ concerts, VJ performances, martial arts, acrobatics, rap music, beat box, and even bungee jumping in their performances.