Urn and Casket Engravings for Diehard Sports Fans

Urn and Casket Engravings for Diehard Sports Fans


Us sports fans have something new to brag about. Our relentless outcries and claims of being a “diehard” fan can now be taken into a literal context and not just a figure of speech to show off how deeply devout and passionate we are to our beloved sports teams.

Baseball fans get to brag first. Major League Baseball recently completed a new marketing deal with a company called Eternal Image to put team logos on caskets and urns. This effort begins next season with the Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, Phillies, Cubs and Dodgers. Eternal Image hopes to expand by striking similar deals with the NFL, NHL and NASCAR. Let’s cross our fingers for NBA basketball shortly after.

The statement, “a diehard fan,” is a courageous declaration. This entails you are passionate, knowledgeable, and fanatically obsessed with your professional team. To take this statement to the grave would be such a wonderful privilege; and what better way than to have your urn or casket be embossed with your team’s colors and logo design. Being a diehard fan is quickly taking on a radical new meaning.

As a diehard Phoenix Suns fan, I would be first in line to make sure my urn is designed to showcase the Phoenix Suns logo (an extremely beautiful one by the way) and the Phoenix Suns purple and orange colors. I have probably stated “I am a diehard Phoenix Suns fan,” more than I could ever imagine, and to take this statement to the grave with me would be a great privilege I would brag about while alive.



According to CBS, Kurt Soffe, a spokesman for the funeral association, said the Major League Baseball caskets are part of a trend of trying to capture the life and the passions of the person that has passed away.

The company has not said how much it will cost, but will have to make sure the products aren’t too expensive. Of course, if somebody is a diehard fan, chances are they will be willing to take it to the grave at any cost or else they are merely fans who love a team only while alive; and thus should refrain from making such “diehard” claims.

Regardless of the price and regardless of my future financial situation, I will make sure my urn is embossed with the Phoenix Suns logo because a diehard fan must be passionate enough to even have the audacity to say such a statement; so what better way than to literally die with the team’s logo? I am extremely excited about this new concept because, after all, isn’t life all about sports?

Now my only other wish would be to see the Phoenix Suns win an NBA Championship before I die.